Jackson’s Real Food Market & Eatery

Grab a big cup of tea or coffee and get ready for my little blog tour of Jackson’s Real Food Market…

Meet the exuberant owner Mr Gary Jackson!!

Gary Jackson

For those of you who don’t know, Jackson’s first opened its doors in Bryanston in 2014. It is a family business showcasing local farmers and produce.

“We like to connect our customers to our farmers” – Gary Jackson

Towards the end of last year, Jackson’s opened their new beautiful store & eatery in Kayalami.

This is personally my favorite branch as I love the cozy eco fire-place and gorgeous view of the homegrown veggie garden!



Organic Vegetable Garden

I had the pleasure of attending the Jackson’s New Winter Menu Launch a couple of weeks ago and boy oh boy was it a fabulous morning! From mimosas to winter broths, Origin coffee, breakfast spoils off the new menu and a great info session with Gary about the new menu options and inspiration!


I have since been back {a few times and proud haha} to try the other options on the winter menu.

SIDE NOTE: If there was a pill you could take so you could eat and never get full, I would start from the top and go through the entire menu – there are so many choices!!

Organic Açaí Bowl
Fresh açaí, honey granola, frozen mixed berries, coconut flakes, nut butter, chia seeds, banana & coconut milk.

Next up is this delicious nourishing vegan bowl!!

First of all, can we just look at those colours, such a bright colourful bowl!! It’s just packed with so much goodness and if you are vegan or know someone who is…this is a must try!!

Nourishing Vegan Bowl
Sweet potato, beetroot, red cabbage, carrot & cucumber sticks, avo, cherry tomatoes, sprouts, herbs & basil and raw cashew nut hummus dressing.

Thirdly is this spectacular kale breakfast! Whether you love kale or not, you will enjoy this! {besides kale is good for you}.

Raw kale rubbed with Tahini served with avocado, poached eggs, crispy bacon, fried halloumi & mixed seeds.

Kale Breakfast

And if that is not enough here are some sweet gluten-free and vegan treats to choose from…

Date & Orange Oat Bars
Protein Peanut Butter Crunchies

Now that you are salivating {you are welcome} let’s move onto the magnificent store and deli!

With a wide range of local nutrient dense meats from organic and ethical small farms with no hormones, freshly baked artisan breads, organic farm produce and many fantastic health brands free from preservatives and colourants to choose from.



The layout is spacious and clean with beautifully packed shelves! These two stores really are world-class and when you walk in, there is a warm welcoming feeling around you. All the staff are so pleasant and greet you with a smile!


Here’s a look into the freshly baked artisan breads. There are so many to choose from but I will just list my two personal favourites:

  • Caraway Seed Rye
  • Olive & Rosemary

If you go early, chances are when you arrive at the bakery, the bread would have just come out of the oven. The bakers are also so friendly and helpful.

As soon as you get home spread your butter right onto a piece and eat it quickly!! You WILL be back for more!

Their breads are also gluten-free, what more could you ask for?? Huh??

Caraway Seed Rye
Olive & Rosemary

Just outside the Eatery there are ready-made meals for on the go. There’s lots to choose! Ranging from wraps, salads and fresh juices for you to grab for lunch or snacks.

Keeping it clean, fresh and healthy!

Jackson’s Real Food Market Kayalami

The best part is you can join the Jackson’s Real Food Community.

You will earn CASH BACK every time you spend.

You can use it in the eatery or the store!! I know right??? #signmeup

Jackson’s Real Food Community

They follow sustainable living and reduce plastic waste by recycling plastic packaging and use brown bags for all your shopping.

Do yourself a favour and visit Jackson’s to see it and experience it for yourself!


Bryanston: Riverside Junction, 300 Bryanston Drive, Bryanston, entry on St James Crescent

Kayalami: Kyalami Corner, Cnr Main and R55.


Monday to Thursday: 7:30am – 6:30pm
Friday + Saturday: 7:30am – 6:30pm

Sunday and Public Holidays: 7:30am to 5pm


Tel: 011 463 1598
Email: [email protected]


I’d like to end this post off by saying that I only work with / write about brands / stores & products that I truly believe in.

Everything Jackson’s Real Food Market & Eatery is known for is what I stand for –


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